Gantan-kito-sai (Gantan-kito Festival),
Happo-yoke-sai (Happo-yoke Festival)

On January 1st, 12 o’clock midnight, “Geishun Nebuta (massive lantern float for greeting the New Year) displayed on the shrine gate will be illuminated and met with a sound of drumbeats as a signal of welcoming the New Year. These “Nebuta” are the same as the moving Nebuta floats displayed for the Aomori Nebuta Festival (night festival in Aomori prefecture) and have decorated the shrine gate since 2001 for greeting visitors. In the main hall, the year’s first “Happo-yoke festival” and “Gantan-kito-sai (Gantan-kito Festival) will be held, celebrating the renewed divine virtues and power of Samukawa-daimyoujin for greeting the New Year.