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This is a live streaming video of Samukawa-jinja Shrine.
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Story of
Samukawa-jinja Shrine.
Provincial governors sent to various districts from the capital worshiped and prayed to native deities for peace and security.
The primary shrine for worship is called ""Ichi-no-miya"" and has long been revered by numerous people.

The Ancient history of
the Nara and Heian Eras

(Enshrined Deities)
Story of
Samukawa-jinja Shrine.
Samukawa-jinja Shrine, known as Ichi-no-miya in Sagami Province, enshrines the unique guardian deities of Happo-yoke and has been devoutly worshiped by people of all social classes from ancient times, notably by warriors such as Minamoto-no-Yoritomo, Takeda Shingen, and the Tokugawa clan.

Ichi-no-miya in Sagami Province
has a 1,600-year history.

(Historical Background)
Story of
Samukawa-jinja Shrine.
Whenever you get lost,
stop, seek the light within the darkness,
and with a prayerful heart,
keep progressing forward.

Happo-yoke guides anyone in need
of help to the right direction.

Happo-yoke more