(Festival for Provincial Capital)

“Kokufu-sai” is one of two major festivals (the other is called “Hamaori-sai held at the beach on the Shonan coastline). In this festival, five shrines for protecting Sagami Province gather together at “Kamisori-yama” located in Naka-gun Oiso-machi Kokufu Hongo where the provincial capital office was founded as well as the area at the foot of “Kamisori-yama” so that two Shrine rituals are performed. Especially, important is the ancient rite “Zamondo” by ritualizing “Ichinomiya Arasoi" (conflict over divinity between Samukawa-jinja Shrine and Kawawa-jinja Shrine). The rite will end with the words “Until Next Year” by Chief priest of San-no-miya Hibita Shrine for mediation. This rite has been designated by Kanagawa Prefecture as an intangible folk cultural property.