Shiwasu Oharae-shiki (Great Purification Ceremony in December),
Joya-sai (New Year’s Eve Festival)

“Oharae-shiki” is a traditional Shinto ritual held in order to purify yourself of the pollution and misfortune you have gathered during the last six months. Generally, “Oharae-shiki” has been held twice a year in summer and winter. Oharae held in winter is performed in the garden of shrine on New Year’s Eve where your own sin and impurities are transferred to a human effigy made of paper. This purification allows your body and soul to live the rest of the year in peace. After Oharae-shiki, the last day of the year will be met by holding “Joya-sai” in order to report to the kami that all the ceremonial occasions of the year have been safely performed and finished.